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"Join the Silent Warriors" 

In peacefully bringing Truth, Accountability and Transparency to Governments and Corporations such as Financial Institutions...To name a Few!
 Wear your Shirt with Silent Pride Every Saturday when ever Convienient.
 Demanding Change Needs your voice to help spread positive awareness. 
Awareness 101
Google- CanadianActionParty.ca, TheTrutherGirls.com, ComoReport.com, Disclose.Tv ,Coast to Coast Am, RT today, AlexJones Show, Jesse Ventura, Nigel Farage , Banksters-HSBC Banksters(2)
Youtube- Judge NapolitanoTrends Magazine Gerald Celente Max Keizer Report, Dylan Rattigan MsnbcDavid Suzuki, Paul Hellyer    .
The Truth about Canadian Banking!
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